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Home Latest Posts! Results 1 to 2 of 2. Thread: Bremer Shifter. Bremer Shifter Has anyone tried one of these sequential shifters, designed for Tremecs? Other than the size and look of shifter lever itself, first impression is "pretty damn cool. Very, very interesting! The remote mounting kit is trick Visit our community sponsor. All times are GMT The time now is PM. The representations expressed are the representations and opinions of the TheFactoryFiveForum.

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Thank you for visiting the TheFactoryFiveForum. Copyright Factory Five Racing, Inc. All rights reserved. The Factory Five Forum is not connected to the holders of this mark.This is a simple bolt on fitment that will convert the standard H-pattern gearbox to sequential shift.

These have been in development since and on the market since this is a fully tested, refined and optimised product:. Our sequential shifter does not work by forcing the gearbox into gear and will actually apply less force to the internals than a standard shifter and far less miss shifts will drastically reduce gearbox wear. The shifter has been specifically designed for use with synchro gearboxes and the loads encountered under hard driving, you will not break this shifter!

The shift speeds are improved purely through the greatly improved usability for the driver. The simple pull back to up shift and push forwards to down shift is much easier to coordinate all movements under racing loads than the H-pattern shift. We have also optimised the design for the best driver feedback possible we do not add any rubber joints to give the driver a smoother feeling as in the performance application we would call that a vague shift. There are multiple options to choose but all include everything needed to convert your car to sequential shift:.

This version is to suit what would be considered the early GM t56 cars and include the gearboxes from:. Instructions can be downloaded as a pdf here T56 sequential shifter installation instructions.

All direct mount shifters are design to fit the gearbox and not a specific car, with direct mount shifters most require some trimming of the transmission tunnel and we have the "shifter surround" part available to seal this back up. Once it was fixed up it worked fine. Francisco C. Very happy with it, at the start was hard to make it select gears but turns out i was installing it incorrectly.

Scott N. You must be logged in to post a review. Sequential shifter : T56 GM Rated 4. Sequential shifter for Gm T56, pre holden and chevrolet. Sequential shifter : T56 GM quantity. Share this:. Description Additional information Reviews 19 Description. Additional information Weight 4. Rated 5 out of 5. Rated 4 out of 5. Great engineering and precision operation Uploaded image s :.

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Simple instruction pamphlets for installation and works a dream in my Rat. Rated 3 out of 5. Uploaded image s :. Add a review Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review. Gear knob to suit our sequential and many others. The internal thread is 12x1.

bremer shifter australia

Available in black or silver. Send to Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address.

bremer shifter australia

Standard lever 80mm throw, Low mount lever 65mm throw.Ingenious engineering together with our existing patented SSS technology will revolutionize the way all you Mustang owners worldwide enjoy shifting and driving. The Mustang SSS has been developed based on the high demand across the world for our system in your car. It is the first of a new range of SSS units that will be released over the coming months.

The Mustang SSS does not require any modification to the original gearbox. And there are no changes internally to the car. The SSS unit fits inside the tunnel above the gearbox and two cables running from the SSS to the gearbox create the sequential shift pattern. All necessary components are supplied in the kit — SSS unit, shift and selection cables, small digital display and shifting lever. An optional Carbon Fiber shift lever upgrade is available for purchase. On request, medium and large digital display indicators can be ordered.

Perfect for race applications. Get the latest unique upgrade for your Ford Mustang now and experience the fell and thrill of a racing sequential gearbox!

Mustang SSS display. Mustang Shift Lever. Mustang internal.Login or Sign Up. Bremer bolt on sequential shifter.

Posts Latest Posts. Page of 4. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. Whats the point on a synchro box? Its not the movement of the arm thats slowing you down unless youre a supreme retard. Comment Post Cancel. These things have been around for years, they haven't caught on because they work better in theory than in reality. Maybe if the gearbox is complete rubbish shift wise but you can get pretty good shifters for T56's.

Operated from Canberra. Manufactured and assembled in Australia. Simple to bolt on. Works great. Mega adjustable. Shits on the S1 product. Production will scale up soon and price may fall as a result. Nothing to do with Real Steel and not in Mitchell. I wish Kochie would get blown out to sea and never found, in fact most of those dumb cunts standing in the rain telling people not to stand in the rain need to get fucked.

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Stupid tart on the news last night talking to the weather guy "wow you look totally drenched there whateverthefuckhisnamewas. Originally posted by burn is weird View Post. Originally posted by 2rismo View Post. A h pattern dog box is much more dangerous as it will let you slam straight into 1st from 4th if you really want. A synchro box won't let you down shift into the wrong gear unless you reeeeeealy force it.

Dog box straight in and bang. Sent from my S60 using Tapatalk. It won't let you do that, the dogs will just skip like a motherfucker if you tried. I love people that comment on things they have never used and probably never will use Originally posted by 10sec rx7 View Post. Is this any different to an IKEA formula shifter that's been around for at least 15 years?

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Convert your gearbox from H-pattern to Sequential - S1 Sequential at PRI 2019

OK Cancel.Login or Sign Up. Bremer bolt on sequential shifter. Posts Latest Posts. Page of 4.

bremer shifter australia

Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. Originally posted by yohoes View Post. We're arguing semantics now The pretend part is that youre still left with a synchro box and youre still using a clutch. Comment Post Cancel. Yeah, I'm not totally convinced.

Last time I went to RR I missed one gear change in 15 races best effort so far. It would have to be well adjusted to make sure it didn't fuck the synchros parts for these aren't the easiest or cheapest things to get. Would it make the actual gear change that much faster than a normal shift, if you still have to use the clutch? Greg Rust. I've never considered myself the type of guy to eat arse but I am currently reviewing that policy. Originally posted by 10sec rx7 View Post.

Had a sit down with Tim Bremer a few months ago and had a go with this, very impressive bit of gear. Has been in development for a long while, very well thought out and huge improvements over the prototypes he had earlier.


You would still have normal pedal clutch for launch etc. But the solenoid for gear smashy goodness. Wiring wise it wouldn't be to complex. Originally posted by Greg Rust View Post.

At the old goat track it was scary sticking the clutch in at the top of Fourth. The lift followed by the drop plus goat track was pants in mouth stuff.

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Yea thats where my workmates Typhoon flung itself off the strip. Lucky it didnt dig in enough to flip it. T56 is a strong box with shit shift feel.

So with this you get a fast shifting box that is strong. Makes sense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Geez we're a bunch of softcocks Even the IKEA one would be tempting to get for the evo, but I assume it would eat my k old synchros for breakfast.

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I guess they're intended for dog boxes, right? And I really didn't understand the point on a synchro box. Would make a little more sense as you say converting a H pattern dog to sequential shift. I guess I would have to try one but its giving you a sequential shift, not a sequential box. There is a big difference. The beauty of a full sequential is full power flat shifts.Forums New posts. Garage New media New comments. Resources Latest reviews.

Log in Register. New posts. Thread starter doublespaces Start date Nov 8, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Oct 18, 8, AZ. So, the clutch still needs pushed in I assume? To change the resistance you simply undo two screws at the base of the lever and change out the springs, to either increase or decrease the resistance, allowing you to get just the right force for either race or street driving.

For instance a drag racer would prefer the stiffer spring set up compared to your daily driver which would have the lighter spring choice. But the driver is not limited to this, and can choose whatever suits their needs and requirements at any given time.

Both the top and bottom of the handle are adjustable with splines that allow for It allows the driver to angle the shift lever either back towards themselves or forwards. There are 5 adjustments at the top and 5 adjustments at the bottom. The Retro lever has 5 adjustments at the bottom 5. Retro or race, we even make an adaptor to fit your old school shift lever. The driver can choose the amount of angle which best suits their needs.

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Adjustable for both left and right hand drive vehicles. This gives everybody a choice, and the ability to fine tune there driving style which best suits them. Changing to Reverse Pattern is simple and should only take a few minutes. The freedom is unmatched by any other shifter on the market today. So mounting the gear lever next to the steering wheel or anywhere for that matter, has never been so easy, or look so good.

Bmwfixerguy1 Lieutenant. Jun 5, Nov 13, 83 Raleigh, NC. Saw this the other day Would love to take a drive with one of these installed. Apr 5, 1, Their site says you have to use the clutch unless you have a dogbox, which makes sense.

I only saw it for Tremecs though. They are very proud of it too - bucks. Nov 5, Bay Area. Saw this at Sema, what a joke.Please contact us to help you with your Translogic Application.

You can also click HERE to choose the correct part number for your bike. Intellishift Quickshifter. Unique and powerful!

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Featuring our very latest superior Intellishift protocol providing the very best quickshifting possible. These advanced Intellishift quickshifters are the smallest multi-channel systems available and unlike other single channel quickshifters our latest range of Intellishift systems provide the finest MotoGP seamless shift simulation. Now with even more adjustment possibilities for professional users and throttle blipper output, its a winner!

A 3 piece tie rod kit or dedicated model specific tie-rod are supplied in the Quickshifter system kit as standard, no need to order additional components. Intellishift quickshifter systems that feature the DCS dual channel sensors have a 2 pin connector output which can be used with external throttle blipper devices.

Bremer Shifts - Sequential SHIFTER (Not transmission)

The Intellishifter quickshifter ECUs feature Pro-Tuner mode where a professional user can simply and quickly alter the sensor trigger force and set different interrupt times at specific engine RPMs proving total control, then the Intellishift protocol takes those settings and enhances them further. MotoGP seamless shift simulation is a feature of these powerful quickshifter systems enabling the rider to take advantage of much quicker and more importantly even smoother quickshifts.

The software protocol inside Translogic quickshifter systems are specifically developed for specific models, not just a basic operation so they provide superior shifting as they feature Intellishift with adaptive shift technology. Translogic quickshifter systems feature a 2 year warranty.

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